Caring for those who need it most: Kids Dental Brands

Q3 Word of Mouth newsletter 2023


This quarter, we’re also featuring Kids Dental Brands as part of our patient stories. 

Kids Dental Brands, founded in 2000 in Phoenix, Arizona, by Dr. Brad Roberts, has expanded to 5 states, with 44 offices and 110 dentists total, ultimately serving over 350,000 patients in 2022.

The company’s mission is to treat all patients with quality care regardless of family income, in a fun, upbeat environment. To ensure that this purpose isn’t compromised or forgotten, the business has turned down many opportunities to sell and has accepted no private equity backing.

Kids Dental Brands also focuses on continually investing in their associate dentists by developing their mentorship program. This program is for new dentists to pair with senior dentists to continuously learn and enhance their skills.

Keeping in line with their mission, Kids Dental Brands focuses their practice on caring for those who need it most, with Medicaid patients making up three-quarters of their visits.

“We’re firm believers in trying to create a very high-quality experience for Medicaid patients, despite lower fees,” said Dr. Roberts.

To reach patients in remote areas or Native American reservations, Kids Dental Brands has also created a mobile dental clinic that visits schools and other areas with a high need for access to treatment. This extra effort serves thousands of patients each year, and many patients are treated at no cost to them. The mobile dental clinic provides preventive care, cleanings and sealants. In addition, they build treatment plans and set up time in the office for further care.

Thank you, Kids Dental Brands, for all the amazing work you do.