Grow your knowledge about Medicare Advantage plans, DentaQual scores and fraud, waste and abuse

Q4 Word of Mouth newsletter 2023

2023 Medicare Advantage plans

This new, interactive course will help you better understand the UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage plans and show you where to find helpful resources on the provider portal.

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DentaQual scoring overview

This course gives you an overview DentaQual scorecards. You’ll learn where you can locate your scorecards and understand your provider scores.

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Required fraud, waste and abuse training

Fraud, waste and abuse impacts everyone from taxpayers and health insurers to federal and state governments. That’s why, in an effort to help control our nation’s health care costs, it’s important we all take steps to help eliminate it. In this course, you’ll learn what you can do if you see any incidents of fraud, waste and abuse and how to be a better steward of funding.

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