Know your options for electronic submissions of your dental claims and appeals

Q3 Word of Mouth newsletter 2022

You are encouraged to digitally submit documents and clinical images such as images or X-rays using the provider portal or other platforms including DentalXChange, Tesia, Change Health Care and NEA. Utilizing digital submission delivers several benefits for you and your practice:

  • Quick and easy claims and appeals submissions
  • Clear and high-quality electronic images
  • Confirmation of receipt of documents
  • Faster review of claims and appeals

The more supporting documents you upload using the provider portal or other platforms give us access to additional images and details to conduct a complete and accurate review. This leads to fewer denials for missing information and less outreach from the UnitedHealthcare team requesting resubmission of better quality images.

Explore our self-paced provider portal training module to see how easy it is to submit images and documents electronically and get your claims and appeals reviewed faster.