Digital member ID cards help simplify members’ experience

Q3 Word of Mouth newsletter 2022

On July 1, 2021, UnitedHealthcare began issuing digital dental identification (ID) cards to newly enrolled commercial preferred provider organization (PPO) members. Members using digital ID cards do not need to present a physical ID card to obtain services. They may download the UnitedHealthcare® app on their smartphone and present the image at the time of their visit. 

All Medicare, Medicaid and dental health maintenance organization (HMO) members and some current PPO members will continue to receive physical ID cards. 

How to read the digital member ID card: 

  • The front of the card includes the member ID number, plan ID number, group number and the dental claims payer ID
  • The back of the card shows the provider portal URL, the contact number for Provider Services and the dental claims address

How members can present their digital ID card:

  • Display a digital copy on the UnitedHealthcare app
  • Share the ID card as a PDF via email or text message 
  • Print a copy of the card from®

Using the information on the ID card makes it easy to verify members’ eligibility. Go to and enter the member’s name and date of birth. Explore this UHC On Air training module for instructions on how to check benefits for members.




Member digital ID card being show on mobile phone.