Children’s Dental Day promotes good oral health

Q1 Word of Mouth newsletter 2023

This past summer, UnitedHealthcare Dental joined select dental offices in 5 Texas regions to pilot our Children’s Dental Day events. Dental professionals and office staff dedicated a full Saturday to treating their assigned UnitedHealthcare Dental members who hadn’t visited their dental office in more than a year.

Getting Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) enrollees into the care of their assigned dental provider is critical to improving oral health outcomes. The Children’s Dental Day events are great reminders of the importance of dental risk management, preventive care and relative simplicity of keeping children in good oral health.  

Organizing Children’s Dental Day

UnitedHealthcare Dental called members to schedule them for preventive dental visits, then followed up with reminder calls on the day of the event. While on site during the events, we collaborated with the offices’ staff and dental professionals to address any barriers to members accessing care.

A successful event

While children enjoyed fun activities, parents learned the importance of maintaining good oral health and attending regular dental visits with their main dental home. They shared their dental care concerns and were offered solutions, contact information and educational materials.

Connecting with dental offices in our local communities is a great way to encourage dental risk management, preventive care and promotion of good oral health for children. If your office is interested in learning more about how to organize a Children's Dental Day event, please reach out to your assigned provider advocate.

Ankit Amin, DDS, Chief Dental Director, Texas, UnitedHealthcare Dental Texas

Image of child showing off smile.