You have the power to change your accepting new patients indicator

Q2 Word of Mouth newsletter 2023

If your practice is experiencing challenges accommodating an influx of new patients, you have the tools to manage this increase. Our self-service portal offers the ability to indicate whether your practice is accepting new patients or not.

How to adjust the new patients indicator

  • Go to and “Sign In” in the top right corner
  • Select the “Self Service” tab on the top navigation bar
  • Scroll down to “Existing Locations” and select the practice location you would like to change
  • Scroll down to “Participating Networks” and click the edit pencil
  • Change the “Accepting Patients?” field between yes or no and click submit

You can change this indicator whenever your practice needs to, and it doesn’t require any approval from UnitedHealthcare.

We’re here to help

If you have questions, contact Provider Services at 800-822-5353.