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Word of Mouth newsletter Q2 2022

UHC On Air is your source for 24/7 on-demand video guides created specifically for UnitedHealthcare dental professionals. Get instant access to fundamental courses that will help simplify your tasks and make your workday more efficient.

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Medicaid dental provider manual
Gain a high-level overview of key areas in the Medicaid dental provider manual. Learn where to find information on patient eligibility verification and claim submission procedures. Locate helpful resources and see where to get important information on member benefits and treatment authorizations.

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Claims denials and EOB literacy   
Learn about B04 and B05 benefit codes and how to work with them. Understand how to read overpayment recovery charts and get a breakdown on the explanation of benefits, alternate benefits and patient out-of-pocket costs.

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Medicare 2022 quick reference guide
Get step-by-step instructions on how to use our 2022 Medicare quick reference guide (QRG). Learn how the guide can help you locate members’ contract IDs and plan names and how to identify their network coverage and plan benefits. Plus, see where you can find a complete list of other QRGs you can download and print.