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Word of Mouth newsletter Q2 2022

Quarterly Practice Success Story – Sunshine Smiles Dentistry 

We highlight dental professionals and their staff in our Word of Mouth newsletter to showcase the valuable work they do and the quality care they provide to patients in their community who are UnitedHealthcare® members. We spoke to Dr. Sachdeva at Sunshine Smiles Dentistry in Roswell, Georgia. Here’s her story.

For years, one of Dr. Suvidha Sachdeva’s patients said she never smiled in pictures. She told the dentist she’d always been self-conscious about the gaps in her teeth but didn’t know she had options — until Dr. Sachdeva asked her, “Are you happy with your smile?”

Dr. Sachdeva owns and operates Sunshine Smiles Dentistry in Roswell, Georgia. Her practice is based on building lifelong relationships with her patients and providing excellent care.

“We can have so much impact on people’s lives and their outlook on life, [as well as] their confidence and their work. We can [help boost their] self-esteem,” she said.

The approach taken by the entire staff at Sunshine Smiles Dentistry aligns with the UnitedHealthcare focus: Treat the entire patient, not just the symptoms or the patient’s surface conditions. The team works hard to help ensure patients feel satisfied after their visit.

Dr. Sachdeva emphasizes the importance of talking with patients about their oral health and how holistic care fits in. At Sunshine Smiles Dentistry, patients have multiple opportunities to express their needs and concerns by having open conversations with their dentist.

It was during one of these conversations with Dr. Sachdeva that the young woman with the gaps in her smile opened up about lacking self-confidence. Together, they decided clear aligners would be the perfect treatment to close the gaps — they’re more cost-effective and convenient for the patient than orthodontic braces. The treatment plan was a success and the patient’s smile improved in under 6 months. Her confidence grew and she showed off her smile for the first time in years.

Dr. Sachdeva calls it a victory when she can help her patients feel more self-assured. “[While] it’s most important to get patients out of pain or fix what’s broken, we should always ask everyone who’s in our chair, ‘Are you happy with your smile?’”

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